Three Short Lessons with Lasting Impact

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Life is about change and movement… but move and change wisely.

We are told to “Do What You Love”, while that sounds romantically wonderful what do you do when that is not possible? I have learned that when I can’t “do what I love” I have had to “love the reason” behind why I do what I do. Admittedly I have had many jobs that I did not love but if it allowed me to pay my bills, have a control over my schedule or take a vacation then I “loved the results” of what I did. Lesson #1: I have learned that when I can’t change my circumstances then I have had to change how I felt about my circumstances and love what results.

A friend once told me that “people who do not take the time to refresh themselves are generally not refreshing to others”. I’m not saying that I don’t have some ridiculously crazy days and long hours from time to time but I learned that I cannot go for weeks or months without a break unless I pay a heavy price. This lack of balance on a consistent basis is both unhealthy and unproductive in the long run. Lesson #2: I have learned to reward myself with refreshing breaks, a few minutes, a few hours, a day, a massage or a vacation. No matter how small a break can be a good thing, all of this will deposit some happiness into my life account.

Our strengths are our power, most of us know that we should “lead with our strengths” but balance is needed in everything. I have learned, to accomplish some great things, I must say “NO” to some good things. There are many good things that I have had the pleasure of doing and I truly enjoyed these good things because they were within my strong suit. But oftentimes I found that I was using my strengths in a way that was working against me. I was becoming involved in too many activities, too many ventures and so many good opportunities that I had little time for what I knew was truly important and that was a problem, it was a weak spot. Lesson #3: I have learned not to let my strength become my weakness, after all, too much of a good thing is still too much.

The past decade has been a tremendous time of change and opportunity for me. It’s always interesting when you are forced to learn something that you already knew. I love the hospitality industry and to me planning events seemed a natural progression of it. I enjoy events… all kinds of them. However, I have learned that I can’t successfully be all things to everyone in a quality way so I decided that it is best to do one thing well.

As I rebrand my company I am pleased that corporate culture enhancing events will continue to be the priority.

I look forward to the new lessons that I will learn and share.

Carolyn E. Howell

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