Best Outdoor Summer Corporate Events



It always makes me laugh a little inside when I hear folks say…”no one is in town in the summer”. Seriously…? We are busier than bees! With millions of people on the move in June, July, and August, a large number of them are visiting DC, MD, and VA as their destination of choice. Some, in fact, wind up as excited guests at the amazing events that we are creating for our clients. While it is definitely vacation time, unless you’re one of the rich and famous, you can hardly take three full months off. And basically after a far too short vacation, you are most likely back at your desk in a week or so.

So then summer is actually, a wonderful time for outdoor Corporate Events, Retreats and “Reset” activities! Hot? Yes, we know it can be warm, it’s summertime, but most folks don’t mind the hot weather, in fact, there is a good chance that the vacation they are planning includes warmer weather than here. What guests don’t like is when the outdoor plans that are made, do not properly take into consideration that it’s going to be hot. So we solve that problem for you by making sure that the elements that you need to make the event a success are there and ready to enjoy.

Here are four things that can make or break any picnic or outdoor event.


We love rooftops for urban events with soft seating, pergolas, and greenery. For corporate barbecues try to find a spot that embraces the great outdoors with grassy spaces and shady places. You need a location that, while outdoorsy, gives you sufficient cover, providing protection from the sun, as well as the rain, should the weather throw you a curveball.

DC Rooftop Corporate Event for Luxury Real Estate Firm

Rustic picnic tables are fine but they should be free of splinters and protruding nails and don’t forget the linens, please! Restroom facilities should be well maintained by the site, but if they aren’t then you should be prepared to make them spic, span and odor free.

Appetizer Table at Embassy Staff Picnic, Alexandria, Virginia



It’s summertime so lighten up, foods that are enjoyed three seasons of the year can be far too heavy at this time. Guests will enjoy cool salads made with local fruit and veggies and delicious lighter fare prepared well. Let the proteins that you grill, be a complement to the other dishes, fish is fabulous and other seafood is sensational for a change but who can turn down a grilled burger or chicken, not I. Hydration is a must, and an Iced Tea or Lemonade station with fun flavor mix-ins is super refreshing.  For dessert, stay in theme and ditch the hot pies and cakes for cool treats, like sweet Watermelon Wedges, Root Beer Floats, Shaved Ice or Fruit Salad. But remember to keep hot food, hot and cold food, cold, if not you may end up with a tummy ache or worse.

Company Barbecue for 500 in Bluemont, Virginia

Corporate Crab Feast with Maryland’s Finest

Time of Day:

Midweek, mid-morning to early afternoon is a great time for corporate teambuilding events because your staff enjoys better travel times and they can even do a little business before the event. Late afternoon to early evening is ideal for employee family picnics, with the kids out of school, the whole family is available and the picnic fare becomes family supper,  plus you’re not competing with sports, team or club functions! Weekends are another story entirely and present a different timetable opportunity.


Washington DC Rooftop Evening Event


Please don’t have guests shaking and baking in extreme activities or you may find that you have few takers. We have a tremendous array of warm weather fun ideas that are sure to please.

Water Balloon Toss, fun for all and no athletic ability required!

Our clients choose us because they want fabulous food, interesting themes, and enjoyable activities. Smart companies understand that providing wonderful experiences for their employees actually enhances their own corporate culture, it creates an atmosphere where their team can sense that they are appreciated and valued.

Generally, I am contacted by HR personnel, executive assistants or even the business owner who is tasked with pulling this together. They are delighted when I tell them that they can ‘be a guest at their own events’ with EVENTS USA, but they become believers and repeat customers once they experience all that we do for them.


– Events USA Founder, Carolyn E. Howell
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