How to Reinvigorate your Corporate Culture!

DC Corporate Event Planner

DC Corporate Event PlannerIt takes a lot investment and time management to create company  events  for employees to keep up with nourishing employees environment  and culture.   It seems that what were once signature annual events with banner participation have over time become plagued with falling attendance and little interest. The events that are on the decline seem to fall into one or more of these categories.

Here are 3 top indicators that it’s time to Reinvigorate your Corporate Culture!

  1. It’s the Same Old Same Old

As the demographic and makeup of your workforce changes so should your events.

Keep your events fresh and fun. At Events USA do an annual checkup to see how well your events are working out for you. If there has been a shift in the number of employees, company focus or demographics we analyze how this may affect what you do and help you to work through it.

2. The Date is A Dud –

Most companies assume that the best day for their company picnic or corporate outing is a Saturday, but nothing could be farther from the truth. Times have changed to say the least, and Saturday is the catch all day for nearly everything that your employees could not get done during the week.

In addition Saturday events compete with all manner of other types of events, concerts, parties and personal endeavors. 

3. Your Activity doesn’t match your attendees –

          Having something for everyone is not as hard as you may think, but you do need     to think about the type of experience you are providing for your guests. Smart companies that manage to retain their valued staff take notice when the workforce shifts from a largely “singles” staff that loved the winery scene to young families who need more family friendly fun and interaction. That goes both ways!

Themes and Decor



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DC Corporate Event Planner

– Events USA Founder, Carolyn E. Howell
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